Numerology Premium Horoscope (Pdf File)

Numerology Premium Horoscope (pdf file)

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Sample (Hindi)
Sample (English)

List of Contents :
1. Cover Page
2. Prayer
3. Important Numerological Constants
(includes numerological chart, numerological particulars)
4. Analysis of Numerological Chart
5. Analysis of your Name
6. Significations of Name Numbers (Tarot)
7. Predictions from Sun-sign and root number
(includes general predictions, finance, health, favourable dates,
favourable colors, favourable gemstome, climacteric years of life)
8. Numerological Life Analysis
(Root/Moolank/Psychic Number - analysis,symptoms and remedies)
(Destiny/Bhagyank Number - analysis and precautions)
(Name Number - Predictions)
(Ailments,Remedies,Profession/occupation,favourable periods,friendship numbers,
romance numbers,Married Life,favourable gems,favourable herbs,donations,deity,
9. Numerological Dasha
10. Monthly and Yearly Predictions from current year upto age of 60.

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